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A successful project outcome begins by knowing exactly where you're starting from.


Comprehensive drawings of existing conditions

(ie "As-Built" drawings). Easily understood pricing structure and deliverables.

As-Built Plans

for all your remodeling needs


We produce "As-built" drawings ​for the most demanding professional: the Architect. Our clients also include property owners, designers, engineers, contractors, facility managers, realtors, and most every professional in the AEC and RE fields who require accurate, thorough, and cost-effective results.


We believe in giving you quality plans in a timely fashion at a very competitive price. 


Our clients cover a wide base, from architects, insurance agents, homeowners, contractors as well as commercial property and facility managers. Anyone in need of real property dimensions and data.


Our goal at bjc-design is to provide simple, no hassle and accurate plans of existing conditions to ensure you start your project on reliable footing.

Using all the experience and tools available, we'll customize solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your project to ensure you achieve a successful outcome.


"OUTSTANDING set of drawings. Thanks Brian."

Robert E - Architect


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