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Bjc-design creates all plans from a single true 3D model.  After the traditional data-acquisition exercise is complete, we build this 3D model from scratch.  Information extracted from this model absolutely ensures that all drawing views match perfectly.  No need to "pull lines" from view-to-view and this eliminates all possibility of errors or mismatches.

We believe in the idea that it should be easy to obtain accurate drawings of existing buildings - quickly, affordably, and in the exact format you need them.

We're a family owned business and because of that we haven't forgotten the importance of customer service.  We treat every client like our only client.  We listen to your concerns, we cater to your needs, and we make the importance of your project our number one concern. 

With over 20 years of experience and extensive knowledge of the American building codes, standards, marketing field and office regulations, we know where and how existing plans are used and needed.

We keep current on city and county requirements and know when more detailed measurements are needed.


“I believe that the simplest solutions are the best. Our recorded condition drawings are a perfect solution to start a project. Everyone from the homeowner, the architect, to the contractor building it will love the accuracy and completness of these plans."

Brian Climenhaga

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