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Friends of ours always used to tell us "If you keep giving away work for free, you'll wind up without a business."  However, we believe by going the extra mile and working with our clients, we ensure a beneficial relationship and long-term cooperation.


Pricing for plans is a simple, standardized pricing based on the square footage of the residence.


This is based on "Conditioned Space". That is, the square footage of occupancy space that would be listed on a real estate listing. All attached structure such as garages, decks, porches, etc come "For free" and do not factor into the pricing equation.


Here's what you can expect to pay for your plans:


@1,000 square feet:  $1,261.40

@2,000 square feet:  $1,952.10

@3,000 square feet:  $2,520.23

@4,000 square feet:  $3,021.00

@5,000 square feet:  $3,477.00


These prices include a full work-up of everything necessary to get "Normal" plans. They include full floor plans, exterior elevations, cross sections and a roof plan.


Please contact us directly for details regarding deliverables.



We have the tools and experience to tackle anything.

We have created “As-built” plans for projects ranging from simple single story bungalows to 40 story hotels, and everything in between.

From a standard residential as-built in preparation for a remodel or addition, to records for historical purposes, to “forensic” as-builting of heavily damaged properties for reconstruction/insurance claims. 



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