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Reliable accurate plans of existing conditions. Quickly and hassle free.  We make it happen.

As-Built drawings for homeowners


Having As-Built plans in both hard copy and digital file means saving time and money. Even if you plan on doing some plans yourself, an accurate as-built is always a necessary starting point.

There are many reasons why you would need these value resources handy. 

  • disasters
  • structure failures
  • renovations
  • insurance claims

As-Built drawings for homeowners

​​In addition to standard floor plans, we offer BOMA compliant plans that satisfy all regulatory requirements.

The plans also provide a great foundation for evacuation plans and other uses!

For Contractors and Architects


Our innovative 3D technology assures accurate measurements from every view, every time. 

We typically gather quite a bit more data at-site than is required for the contract. Allowing us to supply, in most cases, another drawing (additional section for example) without the need for another site visit.

State of the art techniques and instruments are used in all of our measurements to make sure you get what you want in time and at the best price.  Let us beat your best offers!

"Brian's attention to detail and accuracy has assisted our team immensely with projects involving accuracy and precision.  He is very talented with various software programs and is committed and thorough.  I highly recommend his services.  He brings tremendous value to the project."

Michelle Jones, RIM Architects

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