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"As-Built" Training


Our clients tell us all the time "We can't believe you can get all of the information you do, by yourself, and in one day!".


We'll show you how we do it. BJC-DESIGN offers training courses all over the United States and Canada. Without using special tools or ANY expensive equipment, you can keep the "As-Builting" process in-house.


There are so many reasons you might want to do this. Perhaps it's extra revenue, learning a structure more thoroughly, or getting plans into your own hands on your schedule.


Whatever the reasons, we'll show you effective, repeatable methods for gathering all the information you need to complete an entire set of plans accurately and completely. 


Some of the benefits of using our method:


  • SINGLE PERSON site work

  • No special tools or expensive investment

  • Quick and accurate - Up to 5,000 square feet of data in a day and more

  • No return visits to the site

  • Permanent records of data gathered at the site








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